In conversation with Nancy Pelosi

The speaker of the US House of Representatives examines important questions in US politics and policy.

Members event, Panel Recording
17 September 2021 — 9:00AM TO 10:00AM

Nancy Pelosi is the 52nd speaker of the US House of Representatives and has successfully rallied a diverse caucus to pass landmark domestic legislation including the Affordable Care Act and a series of COVID-19 relief packages to jumpstart the American economy.

Domestically, Pelosi returns to full Democratic control of Washington after four years in opposition to President Donald Trump. On the global stage, she has been a staunch supporter of the Good Friday Accords in Northern Ireland and transatlantic relations through NATO.

Looking ahead, there are key questions about the state of American democracy following the January attack on the US Capitol and efforts to restrict voting rights in various states.

  • How does the US repair key relationships abroad after the Trump presidency?

  • With slim majorities in Congress, how should the UK seek to engage with both sides of the aisle?

  • How can efforts to undermine democratic institutions in the US be addressed?

  • What is Congress’s position on Northern Ireland?

This event is part of Chatham House’s ongoing work on democracy that delivers.

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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