NATO recently celebrated its 70th anniversary against a backdrop of intensified global power competition and growing dissension among its member states. Internally, the alliance must navigate divisions within the EU, frequent criticisms from its largest member state - such as US President Donald Trump repeatedly questioning NATO’s utility - and rising authoritarianism in a number of member states. Externally, the alliance is faced with increasingly assertive policies coming from the Kremlin and Beijing.

As the alliance moves into its eighth decade, the panellists consider the main challenges and opportunities ahead. Will divergent European and US interests in China create difficulties for NATO? What does the long-term future of Russian competition with the alliance look like? What should be NATO’s strategic mission and how can member states act in concert to shape and execute it?

This event was organized in partnership with NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division and the Policy Planning Unit of the NATO Secretary General.


Ambassador Sarah MacIntosh CMG, UK Permanent Representative to NATO; Director General, Defence and Intelligence, Foreign Office (2014-16)
Rt Hon Lord Robertson, Senior Adviser, Chatham House; Secretary General, NATO (1999-2003); Defence Secretary, UK (1997-99)
Dr Jamie Shea, Associate Fellow, International Security Department, Chatham House; Professor of Strategic Studies, University of Exeter
Chair: Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Head of the US and the Americas Programme, and Dean of the Queen Elizabeth II Academy, Chatham House