A new America? US politics and global leadership ahead of the G7 summit

In conversation with Jon Sopel, North America editor, BBC.

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7 June 2021 — 4:00PM TO 5:00PM

How radical a change does America face under President Joe Biden? How has the pandemic, political polarization and divisions within the Democratic Party affected the Biden administration’s ability to pursue its agenda? What is the political calculus behind the GOP’s allegiance to Donald Trump? And how should the UK and other members of the G7 manage America’s return to multilateralism?

This event is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the US ahead of the G7 Summit from one of Britain’s leading journalists, Jon Sopel, who has covered the US for the BBC since 2014. His insights have filled three books from the end of the Obama presidency through to the 2020 US presidential election.

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