Webinar: Centenary Lecture Series – Global Organizations in an Isolationist World

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10 September 2020 — 5:15PM TO 6:15PM

Susana Malcorra addresses questions about the role multilateral organizations and agreements can play in achieving this goal in very uncertain times.

When Chatham House began its centenary year at the beginning of 2020 it was unexpected the extent to which the world would be thrown into turmoil by the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has accelerated many of the structural changes in international affairs that were already apparent and which carry troubling echoes of the time of the institute’s founding in 1920.

These global shifts have emboldened Chatham House to deepen its commitment to its strategic goals, including promoting the rule of law over the rule of force, so as to reduce levels of human insecurity, enhance resilience and prevent large-scale conflict.

Given that the US is retreating from global leadership, and countries are increasingly embracing scepticism of their neighbours, how can multilateral organizations bridge the supposed trust gap between nations? What has the UN learned in its first 75 years that can be instructive to meet the challenges that arise from a worldwide economic downturn? How has the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the ability of multilateral organizations to succeed? And what is needed from the next generation of world leaders to meet future challenges?

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Chatham House Centenary:
Throughout our centenary year in 2020, Chatham House celebrates a century of influence, independent analysis and trusted dialogue with a number of exciting initiatives. This event is part of a series of events and research outputs linked to the main goals for our second century, which are to promote sustainable and equitable growth; peaceful and thriving societies; and inclusive and accountable governance.


Susana Malcorra, Dean, IE School of Global and Public Affairs; Argentina Foreign Secretary (2015-17)
Chair: Dr Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House

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