Webinar: EU-US Relations: The View from Washington and Brussels

Although they view the transatlantic relationship through different lenses, the European Union and the US have been united in their efforts to preserve and further European stability.

Members event, Webinar Recording
11 June 2020 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM

For decades, despite some policy differences, the US and the European Union have collaborated on global and regional political and economic challenges.

However, in recent years, decisions by the Trump administration – including the introduction of tariffs, the US’ waning commitment to international accords and treaties and various foreign policy shifts – and its abrupt nature have exacerbated these differences.

This discussion considers the current state of EU-US relations.

  • How philosophically aligned are the EU and the US and how important is this alignment in ensuring a fruitful relationship?

  • To what extent is the EU’s approach to the US formed by Washington’s perspective and rhetoric on the bloc and vice versa?

  • How central is the EU to American interests in Europe?

  • And how should the EU prepare for the forthcoming US presidential election and future American policy shifts?

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