Webinar: Inclusive Governance and Sustainable Development – Bridging the Divide Between Local and International Action

Former secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, considers how governance models can be made more inclusive to facilitate meaningful dialogues between local and international actors.

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7 July 2020 — 9:00AM TO 10:00AM

Global challenges affect communities and societies differently. While action on an international and multilateral level might establish norms, guidelines and legally binding commitments, these play out in local contexts to varying effects. Political, economic and societal structures contribute uniquely to a nation’s capacity to deal with problems that are often not of their making.

For example, climate change disproportionately affects habitats and communities in countries that have contributed the least to carbon emissions and the benefits of technological advancements are often unequally distributed. Given these disparities and the increasing complexity of global challenges, what is the potential for international governance models and structures to accommodate a plurality of concerns and landscapes and assist in promoting equitable and sustainable development?

  • How should international organizations engage effectively with grassroots and community-led initiatives to ensure that local challenges and consequences are given equal consideration to global ones?

  • In shaping global action on sustainable development goals, how can power be more equitably distributed to amplify the voice of smaller states in international processes?

  • What are the ingredients for meaningful partnerships at the local and international level between community actors, the private sector and governments in making progress on the SDGs?

  • And in pushing for inclusive governance and sustainable development, how do we ensure proper and constructive scrutiny of the structures and norms that have enabled such disparities?

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