Beyond the ballot: Implications of the 2024 European elections

Experts map out the stakes and challenges faced by the Union in the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Open event, Panel Recording
6 June 2024 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

Event recording

The 2024 European parliamentary elections serve as a crucial juncture in the European Union’s trajectory. As Europe confronts an unprecedented security threat at its borders from an imperialist Russia, the need for strategic leadership is more pronounced than ever. Moreover, economic sluggishness, the perennial challenges and opportunities of migration and the rise of far-right sentiment across the continent, underscore the urgency of addressing societal fractures and fostering cohesion within the Union.

This discussion unpacks the importance of this years elections. Other debates over areas such as ambitious climate policies, migration and the contentious issue of EU enlargement adds further layers of complexity to the electoral discourse. The election has arrived at a time when broader questions are being asked of a European identity. How solid will the Union be after the elections in June?

Key questions:

  • How will the outcome of the European elections shape Europe’s response to its security threats and economic vulnerabilities?
  • What role will migration and the perception of increasing crime rates play in shaping the electoral landscape?
  • What are the potential implications of the elections on Europe’s climate agenda, and how might differing policy approaches impact the Union’s ability to lead on climate action amidst global challenges?
  • While enlargement discussions persist, how might the electoral outcomes influence debates surrounding EU enlargement and the broader questions of European identity and solidarity?
  • Against the backdrop of geopolitical shifts, what will be needed from the next European Commission and EU Council to navigate Europe through its current challenges and position the Union as a global actor?