The Director’s Annual Lecture 2024

Bronwen Maddox looks ahead to the challenges of the year and sets out recommendations for change.

Open event, Panel Recording
23 January 2024 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM
Chatham House and Online

Event video

— A lecture and discussion on the year ahead in international relations with Bronwen Maddox, director and chief executive of Chatham House.

Geopolitics will continue to test leaders in 2024. The Israel/Hamas conflict is ongoing and discussions about solutions are not yet in sight. Russia continues to bombard Ukraine; the outcome of that conflict may well hang on the US elections in November.

In response, the European Union is considering its first expansion for a decade. An acceleration in AI and a blazing hot summer – literally, in Canada and Mediterranean countries – made the point about the speed of change on those fronts.

Meanwhile, stubborn inflation, ‘higher for longer’ interest rates, and a possible slowdown in China and the US give a difficult backdrop to a year of elections.

More than half the world’s population live in countries that will hold national elections in 2024, including in the UK, US, India and Taiwan – the greatest number ever.  

This event examined the forces that will shape 2024 and what that means for international relations. 

Read the lecture in full below.