India elections: What's next for Modi and India's place in the world?

Experts discuss the complexities of India’s 2024 election and its impact on regional stability and international relations.

Open event, Panel Recording
29 May 2024 — 12:30PM TO 1:30PM

Event recording

Experts discuss the key policy priorities for a likely third term Modi government.

India’s 18th general election stands as a monumental milestone in the history of democracy as the largest electoral exercise in the world. 

However, it also comes at a time of growing scrutiny over the state of Indian democracy and its secular credentials. The geopolitical ripples of the election also extend far beyond India’s borders. India’s role as a major power in South Asia and its growing influence on the international stage amplify the significance of electoral outcome. With a potential third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the international community is keenly observing the implications for regional and global stability.

Our expert panel assess what the elections mean for India’s democracy, its standing in the world and potential diplomatic shifts following the election results.

Key questions discussed include:

  • What is the state of Indian democracy and has the election been a free and fair exercise?
  • What are the key policy priorities of a likely third term Modi government?
  • Amid concerns of democratic erosion, how do geopolitical considerations intersect with India’s internal political landscape?
  • How does Modi’s leadership influence India’s regional and global standing, and what are the geopolitical implications?
  • How does India’s electoral process influence perceptions of its role as a global player, particularly in relation to Western powers, and what are the implications for future relations?
  • How might the election outcomes impact India’s stance on international issues, such as climate change, trade, and its position and role in key global flashpoints?