Virtual Roundtable: Director’s Briefing – The Future World Order: A Post-American World

Partner and major corporate event
23 July 2020 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

The US has steadily retreated from a position of global leadership in recent years. With an increasingly isolationist worldview and belligerent policies towards many of its allies, including its rival China, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has only sharpened the awareness of its global leadership vacuum. Questions remain as to how this vacuum will be filled in a time of global uncertainty and also by who.

This session will examine the future of the world order, the implications of a retreating US global presence and the advent of a more multipolar world. Is the coronavirus pandemic the first great crisis of the post-American world? If so, who has emerged as potential global leaders? How, if at all, has the crisis damaged China’s growing status? Has the EU taken a step forward in terms of global leadership over COVID-19? And what is at stake in the US presidential elections in November?

This event is only open to Major Corporate Member and Partner organizations and selected giving circles of Chatham House. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to [email protected].


Carl Bildt, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden (2006-14); Prime Minister of Sweden (1991-94)
Chair: Dr Robin Niblett CMG, Director and Chief Executive, Chatham House