AI for health event series: Youth experts roundtable

The youth expert roundtable is the first in a series of events on AI and health, which are designed to create forward-thinking on global health and artificial intelligence.

Research event
25 January 2021 — 1:45PM TO 6:30PM

The development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) hold tremendous promise for health, including access to health services at a global level. However, for this global potential to be fully realized, important barriers have to be considered such as preventing AI from furthering existing inequalities and the need to bridge digital divides.

Recognizing young experts are key partners for not only the future, but also the current implementation of AI technology, but do not necessarily always have access to global platforms, this youth expert roundtable will bring together young experts in AI and health across countries and different professional backgrounds to harness their perspectives on opportunities for young people to engage in AI and health, health priorities that could be addressed by AI, and opportunities and challenges in terms of inclusive AI governance and implementation of AI in different contexts.

Following from the recognition of young people as equal partners, this event is co-designed and co-facilitated by members of the Botnar Foundation’s Global Youth Council: Tech for Health.

Chatham House will be integrating young people’s perspectives in the governance roundtable event and conference that will follow from the youth expert roundtable.


Marwa Azelmat, Women’s Rights Policy Advocacy Coordinator, Association of Progressive Communications and member of Young Experts: Tech 4 Health, a Global Youth Council and independent partner of UHC2030’s transform health coalition

Nina van der Mark, Research Analyst, Centre for Universal Health, Chatham House

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