Crisis as a catalyst: Reforming Universal Health Coverage for 2030 and beyond

New approaches for achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Research event, Panel
29 March 2023 — 5:30PM TO 7:00PM
House of Commons House of Commons London United Kingdom

History shows that many of the world’s universal health systems emerged from public health emergencies, financial crises or major conflicts. This includes New Zealand after the Great Depression, the UK after World War II, Thailand after the Asian financial crisis, and the re-socializing of China’s health financing system after the SARS epidemic. 

Could today’s global leaders capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis to catalyse a new wave of universal health reforms?

Chatham House and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health are co-hosting the event: Crisis as a catalyst: Reforming Universal Health Coverage for 2030 and beyond on 29 March 5:30 – 7pm in the House of Commons (Committee Room 10).

The event will focus on the reforms and new approaches needed to achieve Universal Health Coverage, using COVID-19 as a catalyst for progress and how the UK can sustainably support that process – particularly using our experience with the NHS. 

We will be joined by Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark and Ulana Suprun, Former Ukrainian Health Minister who led the transformation of their health system after the invasion of Crimea.

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