Global Hygiene Symposium: Fostering collaborative solutions for global health

Over three days, experts focus on generating actionable recommendations, tailor-made for real-world implementation and to influence global health security measures.

Research event, Panel
6 December 2023 TO 8 December 2023 — 9:15AM TO 1:30PM
Raffles City Convention Centre Singapore

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, global understanding of the importance of hygiene and where it fits within measures to prevent illness has substantially increased. However, despite recognition by numerous epidemiologists and public health experts that hygiene is as a crucial prerequisite, it tends to receive minimal consideration in public policy discourse.

The Global Hygiene Symposium, to be held in Singapore from 6-8 December 2023 and hosted by RGHI (Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute) and Chatham House, will bring together a diverse array of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, to explore ways to give priority and increase the effectiveness of integrated approaches across hygiene disciplines.

The symposium seeks to ignite cross-disciplinary partnerships, driving innovative solutions in global health while expediting progress in the realm of hygiene as a pivotal component of global health security.

To register, please visit the Global Hygiene Symposium site.

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