How effective are the United States’ sanctions?

How effective is the US use of sanctions as a diplomatic tool?

Research event, Panel
19 June 2023 — 12:00PM TO 1:00PM
Chatham House

Economic sanctions have become an instrument of economic statecraft that is used with great frequency by the US to advance its diplomatic goals.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the US has led on the implementation of extensive multilateral sanctions on Russia. These have had an important symbolic effect, but the material effect of sanctions is mixed.

A dramatic surge in prices for food and other commodities has sparked moral outrage by many developing countries. Sanctions have disproportionately impacted the poorest sections of societies, creating fears of political instability and social unrest in many places.

Professor Daniel W Drezner joins Chatham House for a discussion on US sanctions, exploring the effectiveness of sanctions in curbing Russian military action, the role of sanctions in peace talks, and their wider consequences.

  • How effective is the US’s use of sanctions as a diplomatic tool?
  • What is the current situation regarding the economic sanctions imposed on Russia?
  • What are the implications of sanctions for the rest of the world?

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