The transatlantic triangle and China: Strategic choices for multilateralism

Examining US president Joe Biden’s desire to work with allies to counter China’s global influence and strategy.

Research event, Workshop Invitation only
9 June 2021 — 1:30PM TO 5:00PM

China has taken a more assertive role in challenging international norms, shaping international institutions, and creating new regional institutions and agreements, which will undoubtedly have implications for transatlantic allies.

  • What strategies are transatlantic partners pursuing to engage or challenge China in existing and emerging multilateral institutions?
  • How do institutional developments in Asia and the changing regional order affect the US, UK and EU?
  • How do the different actors in the transatlantic triangle view and approach the challenges China presents for democracy and open societies?

This workshop is part of a multi-year initiative led by the US and Americas programme and the Europe programme on the Transatlantic Triangle and the China Challenge.

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