Virtual breakfast: The state of the EU in 2023

In this breakfast discussion, we will explore the current state of play in the EU with one the most prominent experts on European politics.

Research event, Panel
3 May 2023 — 8:30AM TO 9:30AM

While the European Union has come together in its response to the invasion of Ukraine, significant divisions remain on other issues. East-West tensions remain high and troublesome German-French relations are hampering the bloc’s traditional engine of integration.
Furthermore, the EU is pushing through legislation at breakneck speed, including in its attempts to kickstart green industrial policy with its responses to the American Inflation Reduction Act. At the same time, the main players within the EU continue to disagree on what the bloc’s fiscal rules should look like.

  • What are the implications of the recent wave of protests in France against President Macron’s pension reforms?
  • What is the outlook of EU-UK relations following the successful completion of the Windsor Framework?
  • Where are the fiscal rules likely to land and when will they be back in place?
  • Are we seeing the emergence of a new Central and Eastern European power bloc within the EU?

In short, despite having avoided an energy crisis over the winter, the EU continues to face significant challenges. In this breakfast event, we will explore the current state of play in the EU with one of the most prominent experts on European politics.

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