Virtual breakfast: What to expect from the upcoming NATO Summit?

In its first summit of the Biden administration, NATO is facing increasingly complex political and security challenges. What hard decisions does it need to take to be fit for purpose by 2030?

Research event, Panel Invitation only
9 June 2021 — 8:30AM TO 9:30AM

NATO has been a bedrock of security and stability for more than 70 years. But now it is facing an increasingly complex world full of new actors, threats and challenges.

From Russia’s aggressive actions to the ongoing threat of terrorism, cyber attacks, disruptive technologies, the security impact of climate change, and the rise of China, the agenda for the 14 June summit is a busy one.

After four years of the Trump administration, democratic backsliding in parts of the alliance and ongoing internal tensions, this summit should be an opportunity for allies to demonstrate their transatlantic unity and commitment to joint democratic values.

Participants discuss what to expect from the summit and the decisions that NATO needs to take in order to be fit for purpose by 2030.

  • How should NATO balance the threat from Russia and other security challenges such as terrorism, the Sahel, and disruptive technologies?
  • Should it try to play a greater role vis a vis China and the Indo-Pacific?
  • How can it deal with issues around burden sharing and free-riding?
  • How should NATO deal with authoritarian members in its midst?
  • What role does post-Brexit Global Britain intend to play in the alliance?


Shashank Joshi, Defence Editor, The Economist

Chair: Alice Billon-Galland, Research Fellow, Chatham House; NATO 2030 Young Leader


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