Middle East: Two Dreams Dashed

No sooner had the UN Security Council passed a resolution enshrining the goal of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, than the Israeli military smashed the capacity of the Palestinian Authority to run such a state in the West Bank, and the Likud party central committee voted to prevent any such aspiration being realised. If Likud has its way, not only will the Palestinians be doomed to a fate similar to that of the Kurds, but Israel’s statehood will not be accepted by its neighbours across the Arab and Muslim world. Two dreams will have been dashed.

The World Today Published 1 June 2002 Updated 23 October 2020 5 minute READ

Rosemary Hollis

Former Director, Olive Tree Israeli-Palestinian Scholarship Programme, City, University of London

Is it possible that despite the growing international acceptance of a two-state solution, the Palestinians must look forward to a stateless future, divided between Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, the refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, and the diaspora beyond?

If so, their struggle for self-determination will be fragmented but relentless, Jordan could implode and Israel will enjoy no peace. Any attempt to ‘transfer’ the Palestinian population of the West Bank to the east would simply turn Jordan into a maelstrom on Israel’s doorstep and lose Israel its defenders and supporters around the world.

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