Iran: State At Risk

There is little support for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Iran – after all the two countries fought a bitter eight-year war

The World Today Updated 9 November 2020 Published 1 November 2002 4 minute READ

Professor Ali Ansari

Professor of Iranian History and Founding Director, Institute for Iranian Studies at the University of St Andrews

As a founder member of President George Bush’s ‘axis of evil’, it’s surprising to find so much backing for American policy. Some see it as a catalyst for change at home.

For the casual visitor to Tehran, it would appear that the impossible has happened. The driving has indeed become worse. Despite continued attempts to impose, or in the least encourage, a sense of order on the streets of the capital, the rebellious individualism of the driver obstinately resists the determination of the state to control, even when it is pointed out that a semblance of order might provide a safer environment.

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