Debate: Is Norway the way ahead?

It’s the EU outsider everyone says has all the advantages. Daniel Hannan argues that a Britain freed from the shackles of the EU could get a far better deal

The World Today Published 23 March 2016 Updated 30 November 2020 2 minute READ

Daniel Hannan

Conservative MEP, South East England

Norway is, on most measures, the most successful country in the world. It has consistently ranked first (in front of Switzerland and Australia) in the UN’s Human Development Index, which measures quality of life, literacy, longevity and the like. It also tops the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index (again pulling just ahead of Switzerland – spot the connection).

Norwegian opposition to European Union membership is settled and solid. It has been more than a decade since any poll showed support for the EU even getting close to the halfway mark. The latest survey shows that opposition to accession is now 79 per cent.

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