Mexican standoff

If López Obrador wins a third term as president his first challenge will be to deal with Trump, writes Jude Webber

The World Today Published 8 June 2018 Updated 10 November 2020 3 minute READ

Jude Webber

Mexico and Central America Correspondent, Financial Times

In a cartoon doing the rounds on social media, President Donald Trump telephones a future Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador. After a heated call, newspaper headlines describe ‘escalating’ tensions between the two. The peso, whose historic low was 22 to the dollar, crashes to 45.

The cartoon − the work of supporters of the ruling PRI party’s candidate José Antonio Meade − continues with the US president humiliating a future President Ricardo Anaya, the baby-faced conservative hopeful, and reducing him to tears. The third scenario is, of course, a civilized conversation with Meade, which the papers then hail as ‘Meade puts a stop to Trump’.

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