Trump claims exoneration

Mueller investigation ends without a conclusion, argues Jacob Parakilas

The World Today Updated 6 November 2020 Published 4 April 2019 3 minute READ

Dr Jacob Parakilas

Former Deputy Head, US and the Americas Programme

For most of the past two years, Robert Mueller’s office has represented the most leak-proof place in Washington. So the ending of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election was in some ways entirely in character: the taciturn and camera-shy former FBI director was caught a couple of times immediately before and after submitting his report, but continued to offer no comment whatsoever on his findings or process.

The weekend that followed the announcement of the investigation’s end was also entirely in character: fevered speculation immediately overtook the various camps that have grown up around the Mueller investigation, including the feverishly pro-Mueller Resistance, the Russia-collusion-sceptical left, the reflexively Trump-defensive right and others.

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