Review: Feminist Foreign Policy still needs a road map

‘The Future of Foreign Policy is Feminist‘ makes a good case for the necessity of FFP, but is vague on how to bring it about, writes Eirliani Abdul Rahman.

The World Today
Published 1 December 2023 Updated 30 November 2023 3 minute READ

Eirliani Abdul Rahman

Doctoral student, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University, and Founding member, Global Diplomacy Lab

The Future of Foreign Policy is Feminist
Kristina Lunz (translated by Nicola Barfoot), Polity, £25

Why do we need a feminist foreign policy? Because, as Kristina Lunz, the co-founder of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, explains, in the fields of foreign and security policy ‘we cannot go on with business as usual’. And so, in her own words, Lunz intends her work ‘to be a contribution to the feminist movement within international relations’.

With that in mind, this English translation of the German original – published in 2022 – tries to set the agenda for feminist foreign policy, or FFP, in the domain of foreign policy as well as interlocking areas such as human rights, global health policy, climate change and disarmament. Up to a point, she succeeds.

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