Undercurrents: The Birth of a New America, and Remembering Rosemary Hollis

In this episode Bruno Macaes reflects on the US under Donald Trump, and we remember former colleague Rosemary Hollis.

41 minute listen

Agnes Frimston

Deputy Editor, The World Today

The first term of Donald Trump’s presidency has coincided with what many see as a fundamental shift in US foreign policy. Rather than viewing Trump as the exception to a past ‘norm’, Bruno Maçães argues that his administration is the latest expression of the characteristics that mark out the US from other western states. Ben is joined by Bruno to discuss the political implications of American exceptionalism. 

Then Agnes speaks to Ian Black about the life and work of Rosemary Hollis, a former head of the Middle East and North Africa programme at Chatham House, who passed away in June 2020. Rosemary was a highly respected authority on the Middle East, and is remembered with great respect and affection, as a colleague and a friend.