Democracy in America and the future of US leadership

This discussion will analyse how the US can maintain leadership while facing serious domestic and international challenges. 

Research event
18 October 2023 — 5:00PM TO 6:30PM
Chatham House and Online

The United States faces serious internal and external challenges, including increasing inequality driven by globalization and technology, climate change, pandemics and the resurgence of authoritarianism.

The assumption that the US can maintain its dominant status in global politics is waning and domestic divisions challenge optimistic views of its future role.

The panel will discuss the below key questions in the context of Baer’s new book The Four Tests: what it will take to keep America strong and good from Simon and Schuster:

  • How can the US maintain global power and leadership in coming years?

  • Will the US be able to overcome internal divisions to build a shared and inclusive political identity?

  • What is at stake in the 2024 presidential election? 

  • What could Joe Biden do in a second term?

  • What can we expect from a second Trump presidency?

A reception will follow this event.

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