Democracy, capitalism and free market enclaves

This breakfast discussion explores how tax havens, free ports and special economic zones promise capitalism an escape from the confines of the modern state.

Research event, Panel
28 March 2023 — 8:30AM TO 9:30AM
Chatham House

Democracy and economic policymaking have clashed in recent decades, as discussed in a recent paper from the Europe Programme. Economic power has shifted from nation states to other entities. This is visible in the increase in new legal entities such as tax havens, free ports and special economic zones. These new spaces are freed from ordinary forms of regulation, taxation and mutual obligation – and for some this offers the possibility to escape the bonds of democratic government and oversight altogether.

Quinn Slobodian will examine these themes at this interactive breakfast discussion, in the context of his latest book Crack Up Capitalism: Market Radicals and the Dream of the a World Without Democracy.

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