Europe Programme Breakfast: The new prime minister’s foreign and EU policy

What can we expect from the new prime minister in terms of foreign policy?

Research event, Panel
15 September 2022 — 8:30AM TO 9:30AM

Beyond a new prime minister and a government reshuffle, the Conservative party leadership race is also likely to lead to a shift in foreign policy priorities from the new government. This has featured strongly during the campaign, with both candidates being vocal about policy towards China in particular.

Furthermore, tensions remain with the EU over the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol and despite it now being almost two years since the UK left the EU, relations between the two have not settled down yet.

In this interactive breakfast discussion, we will focus on what to expect from the new prime minister in terms of foreign policy, taking a specific look at how relations with the EU are likely to develop.

•    Should we expect a reassessment of UK foreign policy priorities under the new prime minister?

•    Will there be a more hawkish line on China policy under the prime minister? And what would this mean in practice?

•    Will the Northern Ireland protocol lead to a new flashpoint with the EU in the coming months?

•    Is there likely to be closer UK–EU cooperation on issues such as energy security and support for Ukraine?

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