This annual forum brings together a committed group of scholars, policymakers, activists, business people and entrepreneurs to generate key policy ideas for the G20 to explore the following year and support the work of the Women 20 (W20).

The themes addressed at this year’s forum include:

  • G7 and G20: developments in 2017-18 and the challenges ahead;
  • Developments in other multilateral forums (e.g. the Commonwealth and CSW);
  • Changing the playing field by disrupting cultural norms;
  • Closing the gender gap;
  • Women in public life;
  • Financial inclusion and access to finance;
  • Women’s inclusion in the digital economy;
  • Entrepreneurship, trade and procurement.

The event also showcases the winning entry from the annual Chatham House W20 Video Competition, which asks those aged 18-25 to make a short video about what the world will look like once gender equality (UN Sustainable Development Goal #5) has been achieved.

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