Virtual breakfast: Turkey-EU relations after the election

A post-election discussion on the implications of the recent elections for Turkey and for its relations with the European Union (EU).

Research event, Panel
6 June 2023 — 8:30AM TO 9:30AM

The presidential election in Turkey has gone to a second round with incumbent president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan having the advantage. Relations between the EU and Turkey, still officially on track to join the bloc sometime in the future, have been fraught in recent years.

Nevertheless, this relationship is crucial for both the EU and Turkey in areas ranging from migration to energy supply and economy to the war in Ukraine. 

  • What does the election result mean for Turkey’s EU accession?
  • How will it affect Turkey’s positioning in the Ukraine-Russia conflict?
  • What to expect from Turkey’s broader foreign policy post-election?
  • How are Turkey and the EU likely to interact with each other in their shared neighbourhood?
  • What should be the new framework and agenda of Turkey-EU relations?
  • Are there lessons to learn for the UK about dealing with the EU from the outside as a large neighbour, and vice versa?

We will discuss these questions and more in our latest Europe programme breakfast event, organized in cooperation with the Middle East and North Africa programme and the UK in the World programme.

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