'War' on Terror: At War For Freedom

America and the western world are at war with ‘fascist’ Middle East governments and totalitarian Islamists.

The World Today Updated 21 October 2020 Published 1 August 2003 8 minute READ

R. James Woolsey

former Director of Central Intelligence

The freedoms we stand for are loathed and our vulnerable systems under attack. Liberty and security will be in conflict as we line up behind the new march of democracy.

This is about the war we are in, whom it is with, how we have to fight it inside our own countries and how we have to fight it abroad. The war is, essentially, similar to the Cold War.

This is the origin of the phrase World War IV, which Professor Eliot Cohen came up with in America shortly after September 11 2001, to characterise the parallels between this war and what he called World War III – the Cold War.

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