Europe and America: Don't Divide

Iraq is just the latest, and not the last, in the long chain of political-military links between the United States and Europe. The photos of mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners have shocked the world. Soon, other images – of the bravery of many thousands of American soldiers whose sacrifice in Normandy allowed Europe to become free sixty years ago – will also resonate.

The World Today Updated 16 October 2020 Published 1 June 2004 4 minute READ

Denis MacShane

Former Minister of State for Europe, United Kingdom

This month, the G8 meeting, the NATO summit in Istanbul and the EU-US summit will all allow deeper reflection on the nature of the relationship between the United States and European nations. It should be a moment to lift our eyes above the headlines of Iraq and for pro-American Europeans and pro-European Americans on either side of the Atlantic to argue back against those who indulge in an orgy of mutual denunciation.

Well before I became a British government minister or the world was changed by September 11, I published a comment piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about relations between Europe and the United States. In February 2001 I wrote that ‘I sometimes have the impression that Americans come from Mars and Europeans from Venus and ne’er the twain shall meet.’

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