Modi treads carefully

Delhi wants closer ties with US but more autonomy, says Frédéric Grare

The World Today Published 29 September 2017 Updated 7 June 2021 2 minute READ

Frédéric Grare

Non-resident Senior Fellow, South Asia Programme, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of ‘India Turns East’ (Hurst)

The future of Indian-US relations always raises questions. Each US presidential election generates new hopes and anxieties, and the triumph of Donald Trump was no exception. It had been welcomed in India with relative optimism. Tough language on China and Pakistan, and more importantly Trump’s willingness to improve relations with Russia, which Delhi immediately saw as a way to detach Moscow from Beijing, were music to Indian ears.

There were, of course, potential irritants: Trump’s intention to tighten H-1B visas, which allow skilled foreigners to work in US tech industries, and his promise to bring back jobs to the US from India were examples.

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