New paper on transatlantic China policy published in collaboration with RUSI

Paper argues US and Europe need to think about the ‘endgame’ for their respective China policies.

News release Updated 6 June 2024 Published 22 February 2024 1 minute READ

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A new research paper, written as a collaboration between Chatham House and RUSI, was published on 22 February examining European and US policy on China.

The publication, Transatlantic China Policy: In Search of an Endgame, argues that the US and Europe need to think more carefully about the desired ‘endgame’ for their respective China policies.

Based on workshops held with senior officials and experts in Berlin, London and Washington, the authors examine US and European approaches to the China challenge, including key points of convergence – for instance on the need for economic de-risking – and areas of divergence, including over Taiwan and reform of the multilateral system.

The paper also outlines recommendations for policymakers, including the need to invest in knowledge-building about China and think beyond defensive actions in the domains where competition with China is most intense.

Ben Bland, Director of the Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House, said:

‘There is an urgent need for more thoughtful and proactive China policy, and the US and its European allies will need to pool resources and coordinate efforts to be more effective. 

‘This paper aims to address that need, offering insight and solutions to policymakers working on China and related global issues, as well as the business community, the media and the wider public.’

The publication is authored by Ben Bland, Andrew Cainey (Senior Associate Fellow, Navigating the Indo-Pacific Programme, RUSI) and Philip Shetler-Jones (Senior Research Fellow for Indo-Pacific Security, RUSI). 

It forms the final output of a Chatham House and RUSI joint project, Transatlantic Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.