Andrew Payne

Member of Council


Andrew Payne is the Hedley Bull Research Fellow in International Relations at the University of Oxford. His current research examines the impact of electoral politics on presidential decision-making in war, exploring past cases of US intervention in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.

His wider research interests include US foreign policy, international security and civil-military relations. His recent publications include an article in International Security on US decision-making in the Iraq War and a co-authored chapter on the Cold War in the Middle East, published by Oxford University Press.

Andrew holds a double starred first in History from the University of Cambridge, and completed both the MPhil and DPhil in International Relations at the University of Oxford. While at Oxford, he served as the president and treasurer of the Oxford University Strategic Studies Group and a member of the editorial board of the St Antony’s International Review.

Prior to returning to academia, he worked in marketing and buying roles at Sainsbury’s, having completed the 2020 Leaders Programme.