The global implications for decoupling US-China tech

How will US-China technological competition shape international relations?

Members event, Panel
6 May 2021 — 9:00AM TO 10:00AM

The intensification of competition between the US and China in the technology space, together with divergent views on technology policy and governance, has begun a complex process of tech-decoupling between the two countries which will have global implications from the screening of investments and review of critical supply chains to the handling of cross border data flows.

China’s latest Five-Year Plan places technology and innovation at the heart of the country’s continued economic transition to that of a developed, consumer-led, post-industrial economy. To achieve this, the Chinese government has employed highly interventionist economic policies that have put it at odds with the US and other market economies. Meanwhile, the two countries have come into increased conflict as China looks to promote its technologies and models of governance internationally.

This panel explores the drivers behind US-China tech decoupling, its global implications and potential ways to manage and mitigate the impacts of the economic confrontation.

  • Why is the development of China’s domestic tech sector a cause of concern for the US? 

  • What are the key drivers behind the process of tech decoupling between the US and China?  

  • By which mechanisms are the two countries looking to de-couple their tech ecosystems from one another, such as through export and import controls and investment screenings and what are the implications of such moves?

  • In what different ways are both countries looking to promote the global reach of their technologies, such as through new infrastructure initiatives and through international technical standard setting?

  • What could be the implications of these tensions for other countries and regions, such as the UK, EU and India?

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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