War on Ukraine: The energy crisis and Europe’s impending long winter

Can Europe remain unified over the long winter?

Members event, Panel Recording
2 November 2022 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

War on Ukraine the energy crisis and Europes impending long winter

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the global community has been responding to significant price shocks, especially energy. As Europe heads into a particularly difficult winter, policymakers are grappling with the costs, both political and economic, required to make sure Russian energy blackmail does not succeed.

Retaining a unified front against Russia and providing continued support to the Ukrainian government will be great challenges. As the cold begins to bite, war fatigue may accelerate among the populations of Europe. Providing their people with adequate heat will not come cheaply for governments across the continent at a time of economic uncertainty.

At this critical moment of Russia’s invasion, experts discuss:

  • Have European preparations been sufficient to stave off an energy crisis this winter?

  • What will be Russia’s reaction during and after the winter period, particularly if Europe avoids energy market failures?

  • How will this ‘energy crisis’ ensure future dependencies on single state actors of goods and services do not occur in the future?

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