Indonesia and the Province of Aceh: Security Solution

There were high hopes for the first civilian President of Indonesia. But now allegations about the misuse or mismanagement of some six million dollars have cast a cloud over Abdurrahman Wahid and allowed his opponents to gather strength. Should they overwhelm him, many fear that dark forces would slow reform and implement security solutions in restive provinces like Aceh.

The World Today Updated 26 October 2020 Published 1 March 2001 6 minute READ

Lesley Mcculloch

Research Associate, Centre for Defence Studies, King’s College, London

The first democratically elected Indonesian President is in trouble.

Since coming to office, hopes that he would transform Indonesia into a democratic and corruption-free state have not been realised. He has yet to deliver promised economic reforms, a tolerant government respectful of human rights and end corruption. In addition, his reputation for wild and contradictory statements has served neither him nor his troubled nation well.

Even before the two cases that resulted in a parliament censure motion – by 393 to 4 votes – against the President, he was in difficulties. Incidents in which President Abdurrahman Wahid allegedly ‘mishandled’ or ‘mismanaged’ around $6 million are really only a useful vehicle for those who want to see his term come to an untimely end.

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