Brazil: Bossa Nova country

A selection of books on South America’s largest country by Eduardo Granzotto

The World Today Published 5 October 2020 2 minute READ

Eduardo Granzotto

Lawyer and Adviser, Brazilian National Congress

Roots of Brazil 
Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, University of Notre Dame Press, £18.91

First published in 1936, this book remains a must for wanting to understand Brazilian culture and society. Buarque de Holanda explains the differences between Brazilians and other nationalities by analysing how the Portuguese, Spanish, Native Americans and Africans have all shaped the multicultural Brazil we know today. The book is a landmark in Brazilian sociology and developed the concept of ‘cordial man’, arguing that Brazilians act on emotions more than reason.

Carnivals, Rogues and Heroes: Interpretation of the Brazilian Dilemma 
Roberto DaMatta, University of Notre Dame Press, £24.50

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