International Law Programme

We conduct research, convene discussions and produce publications on governance issues through the lens of international law.

Our International Law Programme is a unique and trusted voice on governance issues. Our work has far-reaching impact and is critically important at a time of global political instability, accompanied by threats to the rule of law.

We provide expert international law analysis and practical ideas for action. To achieve this we draw on a global network of experts from government, international organisations, civil society, academics, the legal community and business.


  • Producing influential research for policy makers, civil society and other key actors;
  • Creating networks to drive collaboration and constructive engagement on international law and human rights strategies;
  • Influencing policy and legislative change.

Research focus

Our policy-sensitive research focuses on four key areas:

  • Understanding system change in international law at a time of transition in the global order;
  • Addressing the governance deficit for new technologies and new global commons;
  • Reinvigorating the human rights system;
  • Strengthening global governance through inclusivity.

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