The 2006 Chatham House Prize was presented to Joaquim Chissano by HRH The Princess Royal in an award ceremony at Mansion House on 16 October 2006.

The event, jointly hosted by Chatham House and the City of London Corporation, was attended by leading figures from business and politics. Keynote speeches were made by Lord Triesman, Minister for Africa, and Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon.

Mr Chissano, President of Mozambique from 1986-2005, is credited with having turned the war-torn country into one of Africa's most successful democratic states. Having secured peace with the former Renamo rebel movement in 1992 Mr Chissano secured multi-party democracy and a free market economy for Mozambique. He stepped down in 2005, even though the constitution - and many supporters - would have permitted him another term.