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Bitcoin, Alternative Currencies and the Future of Money

Chatham House, London


Leander Bindewald, Researcher and Project Manager, Complementary Currencies, New Economics Foundation
Dave Birch, Global Ambassador, Consult Hyperion
Shane Happach, Chief Commercial Officer, eCommerce, WorldPay
Chris Salmon, Executive Director, Banking and Chief Cashier, Bank of England
Chair: Izabella Kaminska, Journalist, FT Alphaville


The panel will discuss what role alternative currencies – large and small scale − might be able to serve in the global economy. They will analyse how decentralized, peer-to-peer currencies such as Bitcoin might impact national currencies as well as explore the value of local currencies and new means of payment such as mobile phone credit. They will consider how these changes will affect business and finance and how criminal activity using new forms of currency can be combated.

This event will be followed by a drinks reception at 19:00.