This project explores health and the provision of healthcare in conflict and post-conflict settings.

This project will examine healthcare provided in conflict and post-conflict countries from the perspective of policy-makers and policy influencers, those who deliver healthcare and public health services, and the affected populations. Specifically, it intends to address the following questions: 

  • Who was providing healthcare during conflict, why, and with what effects? (both political/strategic and health effects).
  • Where and from whom did the population obtain their healthcare?
  • What was the experience of the population in receiving healthcare? How did the population view those providing the healthcare?
  • Did those responsible for delivering healthcare meet the needs of those receiving it?

The ‘who’ will include state parties, non-state actors, and external actors (e.g., UN bodies and NGOs). The ‘why’ will explore the motivations of policy-makers and their views on the outcomes of their policies. The ‘where and from whom’ will look at the reliance of the population on peers (family members and neighbours) and local healers for healthcare as well as healthcare delivered by states, NGOs, and non-state armed groups. The ‘what was the experience’ will explore how the population perceived the healthcare and how, if at all, it affected their views of the various parties to the conflict. The researchers will then bring together the outcomes from these three levels (policy-makers, service providers, and the population) to identify how they each interfaced with the conflict environment, what influence they had on the conflict, and how the conflict affected healthcare.

This project is run in partnership with the Public Health in Humanitarian Crises Group at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). With a seed grant from the Wellcome Trust, Chatham House and LSHTM aim to build an international research consortium to develop the necessary research protocols for a follow-on grant to implement the project.

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