Ukraine Forum

The Ukraine Forum is a unique platform providing insight on internal Ukrainian dynamics in key policy areas.

Competitors during the 27th Ukrainian Firefighting Championship in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Photo by Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy/Barcroft Media/Getty Images.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine makes the country more vulnerable than at any time in recent memory but prior to the invasion, it was already at a critical juncture with a challenging internal reform agenda and a deteriorating economic and social situation.

Complex and fluid internal dynamics are in motion as a result of the ongoing struggle between the system of old rules and vested interests on the one hand, and a strong demand and pressure from society and a new generation of policymakers for new rules on the other.

The forum brings together a dynamic group of stakeholders, including politicians, practitioners, civil society leaders, academics and journalists to examine the political situation in Ukraine.

It is managed by Orysia Lutsevych and governed by a steering committee of eminent academics, journalists and funders, chaired by Simon Smith, the UK’s ambassador to Ukraine from 2012-15.

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