UK in the World Programme

Our research draws on Chatham House’s networks, global engagement and trusted dialogue to critically examine the UK’s changing role in a changing world.

The UK has left the EU, choosing to step out on its own at a time of extraordinary upheaval – from the rise of authoritarianism to COVID-19 and climate change, and now Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The UK in the World Programme explores how a more sovereign but also less anchored UK navigates these choppy waters at a time of continued fractious relations with its closest neighbours, and the priorities, partners and pathways in the years to come.


  • Working groups with subject matter experts on priority areas including trade and science and technology;
  • Publishing analysis that critically examines UK foreign policy and offers recommendations to improve the UK’s position in the world;
  • Engaging in public discussions, debate and with the media to share insights into the latest developments impacting UK foreign policy;
  • Holding partnership dialogues: working with Chatham House’s regional programmes to host dialogues with key partners of the UK.

Research focus

Our core work focuses on the UK’s changing geopolitical, diplomatic and security role. This is explored through each of our core activities, such as roundtables, ad hoc events and publications.

The programme engages policymakers, subject matter experts, partner organisations and the private sector in the UK and around the world to identify the main factors in crafting UK foreign policy for a turbulent age.

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