Governance responsibilites for the operation and management of Chatham House reside fully with the Council, which is drawn from and elected by the institute's individual and nominated members.

The governance of Chatham House is overseen by its Council as laid out in its Charter and Bylaws. Council members are drawn from and elected by the Institute’s membership. Governance responsibilities for the operation and management of the institute reside fully with the Council, led by its Chairman and Executive Committee, along with its Finance Committee.

* co-opted members

E = Member of the Executive Committee
F = Member of the Finance Committee
I = Member of the Investment Committee
N= Member of the Nominations Committee

Communications to the Council should be addressed to Paul Curtin, secretary to the Council.

  • Dr Robin Niblett CMG, Director
  • Adam Ward, Deputy Director
  • Rob Bailey, Research Director, Energy, Environment and Resources
  • Keith Burnet, Communications and Publications Director
  • Harry Charlton, Director of External Relations
  • Paul Curtin, Finance Director
  • Dr Patricia Lewis, Research Director, International Security
  • Dr Alex Vines OBE Research Director, Area Studies and International Law
  • Dame DeAnne Julius DCMG CBE N
  • Alpesh Patel I
  • Nigel Wightman I