Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative (ASLI)

The ASLI is a rapid strategic learning initiative aiming to help address urgent human development challenges, vulnerability and risks.

The Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative (ASLI) seeks to leverage the knowledge and experience of leading global think-tanks working on Afghanistan and aid issues and through engagement with Afghan and international experts.

The initiative has been convened with the support of the UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub and the donor, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, in partnership with the Center for Global Development (CGD), Chatham House, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Overseas Development Institute (ODI), and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development-Development Assistance Committee (OECD-DAC).

This partnership of research institutions have worked together under ASLI to develop policy solutions that could help develop appropriate aid provision to Afghanistan in the near term.


Between December 2021 and February 2022, ASLI convened four workshops led by each partner organization. The workshops brought together over 150 senior leaders, decision-makers, experts, researchers, and practitioners to discuss what comes next for foreign aid in Afghanistan.

The first workshop, led by Chatham House on 17 December 2021, explored four potential scenarios for Afghanistan’s political, economic, and security trajectory over the next 18–24 months.

Read a summaryAfghanistan Scenarios: Challenges and way forward for humanitarian intervention in 2022-23 by Chatham House.

The second workshop, led by IDS on 28 January 2022, explored need and vulnerability, tying the drivers of these conditions to the scenarios outlined by Chatham House.

Read a summary: Needs and Vulnerability in Afghanistan by IDS.

The third workshop, led by CGD on 9 February, assessed options for future aid instruments and mechanisms to address the financial crisis.

Read a summary: Crafting the International Response in Afghanistan: Options to Enable Financial Flows and Promote “Beyond-Humanitarian” Aid by CGD.

The fourth workshop was led by ODI on 28 February and focused on options for collective action.

Read a summary: Recalibrating relations with Afghanistan: collective action by international actors by ODI.

In May 2022, the UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub published the final synopsis paper of The Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative (ASLI).

Read the project synopsis paper:

The project is led at Chatham House by Gareth Price and Hameed Hakimi.