Europe’s Democracy and Political Economy

The current crisis of liberal democracy in Europe is closely connected to issues around its political economy.

In recent years – and especially since 2016 – there has been a widespread perception of a crisis of liberal democracy. Much discussion has focused on the rise of ‘populist’ parties in many European countries. But populism can be a corrective as well as a threat to democracy – and technocracy can also hollow out democracy. Both technocracy and populism are also connected to the changing nature relationship between the market and the state in Europe.

Building on the research paper The Future of Democracy in Europe published in 2020, this project explores the crisis of liberal democracy in Europe and proposes ways to make it more responsive to citizens. In particular, it focuses on democratic processes and institutions in France, Germany and the UK; democracy within the EU; and the economic basis of democracy in Europe.

This project is supported by Janus Friis.

This project is led by Hans Kundnani and Pepijn Bergsen.