Latin America Initiative

Latin America is an important destination for foreign investment by external powers, and an increasingly important trade partner for Europe in particular.

The possibility of increased regional integration holds out new opportunities for Latin American economies to grow regional trade and investment. In the decades ahead, economic decentralisation and continued technological change is likely to enhance the global reach of corporate and civil society actors based in Latin America.

These developments are taking place against the backdrop of political shifts in some of the most influential states in Latin America. Internationally, a new strategic rivalry between the United States and China threatens to alter the context for global economic exchange and standards.

An unpredictable US administration has also meant that many Latin American states and private actors have a growing interest in developing relationships and networks with Europe.

These two trends – Latin America as a region with still significant untapped economic potential and as a locus for increased great power competition – make this a crucial time for Chatham House to evaluate demographic, economic and political shifts in Latin America and their impact both in the region and for the rest of the world.

To meet this important demand, Chatham House has established the Latin America Initiative to connect Latin America-based expert policy communities and businesses with Chatham House’s substantive work and policy networks.

Central objectives

  • To analyse the political, economic, and cultural changes taking place across Latin America and explain these to international stakeholders, especially in the UK and across Europe;
  • To evaluate Latin America’s role in global trade, financial flows, investment and migration;
  • To work with Latin American public and private sector actors in developing effective responses to global challenges of sustainable growth, resource usage, and other areas of international governance.

Through the Latin America Initiative, Chatham House brings together leading thinkers and actors engaged in creating new connections between Europe and Latin America.

Chatham House would like to thank BTG Pactual, Equinor, Fresnillo Management Services and Integra for their generous support of this Initiative.