The US and the Americas Progamme undertakes original research using an interdisciplinary approach. We draw expertise from in-house staff and an international network of associate fellows.

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  • Convening discussions with stakeholders from various sectors, disciplines and geographies;
  • Connecting regional policy and businesses communities with Chatham House policy networks;
  • Producing policy-oriented briefing papers on project-related issues;
  • Providing commentary to the media on breaking news.

Research focus

We analyze how trends in the region's policymaking affect international cooperation and security.

Areas of interest include:

  • The United States and its Role as a Global Power;
  • The International and Regional Roles of Middle Powers such as Canada and Mexico;
  • Countries' Roles in Trade, Finance, Climate Change, and Migration;
  • The Changing Nature of Democracy;
  • Major Economic, Political, and Cultural Changes.

Support us

Support us

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