We research the interlinked threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and resource depletion, and the profound risks they create in security, geopolitics and international development. Our research generates policy solutions to mitigate these risks and their effect on the world's communities.

We draw expertise from our multidisciplinary staff, our associate fellows, and international thought leaders from business, academia, government and civil society. We engage this network to inform our research, test new ideas, and enhance mutual understanding.

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  • Publishing research papers which influence policy and key international events;
  • Convening discussions of experts from diverse constituencies;
  • Providing informed comment on breaking news to international media;
  • Advising and giving evidence to governments.

Research focus

Our research explores how environmental risk turns into societal risk. Our work proposes strategies to mitigate and adapt to related threats. Areas of interest include:

  • Food, Agriculture and Biodiversity;
  • The Circular Economy;
  • Energy Transitions;
  • Climate Change and Climate Risks;
  • Use and Governance of Natural Resources.

Support us

Support us

There are a few ways you can support the work that we do, including donating, becoming a member, or leaving a legacy.